Cross Platform Application

As the traditional desktop is considered the technology of yesteryear, it has also been observed over the websites. Now, users don’t wait for their PC to open, they just swipe their fingers on their handheld devices. Hence, it has been quite essential now to get adapted to a variety of devices that are released every month in the market.

To compete with all the latest handheld devices Responsive Web Design (RWD) is employed. Whilst developing pages for all the devices, it is better to have a one that caters all. Even Google announced that it would prefer a website that works responsively and has only a single page for all content. The whole process of responsive design works on expansion and contraction of browsers as per the devices. The mere advantage of having Responsive layout is that it increases the number of targets for your product, affordable and it is a safer side to play for a long run.

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Shopping Cart Solutions

Looking for a shopping cart solution for a first timer could be tricky at the least and catastrophic at the most. So for a better economic and least technicalities you could consider us whenever you need. Though you consider that your industry doesn’t need it, then you are just in a wrong notion. No matter how small or large company is shopping cart solution is quite essential as it is a valuable resource to get branded and get noticed.

Talking about its technicalities, in real shopping cart is a series of scripts that let your user track the item that they need. Furthermore, they could even purchase all the items before they move into checkout. Moreover, these flexible shopping cart products caters wide variety of flexible product management facility and flexibility. Our development service includes secured checkout process (a service of utmost importance at both ends), simple integration with the platform you work and much more.

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Dedicated Resource Hiring

With each passing day the corporate world is getting smarter as the trend of outsourcing to effectively complete the tasks is getting popular. The best thing about this service is that you get an exceptional work at an affordable rate and the term dedicated clearly proves that how the project would be carried out dedicatedly.

The other advantage of getting assistance for this service is that you won’t have to look for in-house personnel to work on the similar task permanently. Thus, you could hire a staff on a temporary basis and could add a cherry on your cake of productivity and revenue. Here, you could get ingenious designers, fertile minded web developers for the proficient solution to all your requirements. As you could communicate to them directly, no doubt the communication gap. would get reduced and the productivity would enhance proportionately.

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Custom Application Development

DSWT offer a Lifecycle design for a range of platforms, technologies, architectures and services. Well, it’s quite obvious that every individual would like to get its ideas rapidly turn into working applications. And not only an individual but it is also a need of every industry to get an application that could span across their entire enterprise with just a single click.

Hence, to provide you tailored solution DSWT starts the whole process by assessing your business situation and work directly to identify improvements and system improvements that would be needed. Thus the advantages of enhanced productivity and overall business efficiency would be a good path to lead towards your long and short term goals. Whether you need to integrate a third party or require new functionality our team would always be present in order to provide you specialized assistance to extend the solution.

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Mobile App Development

In the real world, both consumers and business demand out of the box and innovative applications that could provide the user a sophisticated user experience. Moreover, they also expect feature rich solution technology that could capture the data, give them real time notifications, video, location awareness, and mapping, provide data synchronization over multiple platforms and many more.

Though the diversity of OS versions and devices have made development of mobile applications quite challenging, but a unique combination of our creative designing team and people with in-depth technical knowledge could easily make these requirement par excellence. We at DSWT cater complete mobile application development and deployment for enterprise applications or for publishing with all the digital content products to extend it towards all the smart devices in order to captivate and create an interactive environment for your audience.

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Brand Consultation & Promotion

DSWT offer a platform or a web service to promote and consult over your services, brand and products. Thus creating a positive perception and image to make you reach to your potential and prospective clientele for a positive and clear approach. Well, in this competitive market it is quite essential that the customer gets aware, recognize and understand the benefits of your product.

These business services include all Brand Management, Brand Promotion, Business Startups, Development and promotions of business, brand service or product in a global marketplace. Moreover, we do regular campaigns by creating a concept and implementation strategy for a viral marketing campaign with the help of our SEO experts. Thus, with our optimizers we would flourish your business by optimizing your website in order to attain you higher search rankings via organic traffic.

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