Mobile Application Development
DSWT serves its expertise across diverse business domains to its clients. And has been a leading application development company, our unique model allows our clients to get results as per their business needs. Get in touch with us to get an mobile application of your dreams no matter in what geographic location you are. So, obtain our assistance for a flawless mobile application experience across all operations.
Our Solutions
  • Mobile UI Development
  • Custom Development
  • Corporate Mobile Apps
  • Educational App Development
  • GEO Location Apps
  • Entertainment / Social Apps
  • Business App Development
  • Mobile Friendly Websites
Our Solutions
  • Quick start of project
  • Secure & Scalable product
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Friendly executions
  • Highly qualified developers
  • Round the clock support
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Complete support
Developing mobile apps, just get easier.
In order to become a one stop solution in the era of wireless industry, our eye set would be there for you to be hand-in-hand so that you could satisfy your customer's expectation. With our innovative conceptualization you could gain the highest levels of technological expertise.
IOS Development

Referable to the imminent growth of IOS mobile devices, delivering an iOS application that presents the company’s services has become quite prominent now. Whether the application you need is from scratch or custom we are here to develop each requirement as per your demand. Therefore, make a better UI and the compatible app to be as cutting edge in this marketplace.

Android Development

The growing community of Android users clearly shows the increasing trend of Smartphones and the platform to get your customers. As it is open source and fully customizable, you could easily serve a more user friendly, smooth and responsive application. Thus, giving your brand an extra push with the new market force will help get more attention to your app.

We follow simple process for development
Gather Mobile App Requirements
The initial and the most important phase is gathering information and understanding your need. So thoughts are collected and the best and viable option is preferred for the further development. Whilst being a critical process our analyst would get into its core to get you a functional app. A collaborative effort between you and us at this stage would deliver a product par excellence.
Analyze Project Timeline
To make your industry to join the pace of the taste of a people, it is necessary to dwell your industry according to their need. No doubt the internet is in the hands of your customer in the form of tablet, mobile phones or other devices, hence to join this pace and taste it is better to have our experienced analyst who would deliver your idea within no time.
Get App Designs Ready
After collecting all the nuts and bolts, it’s time to give a look. At an initial level our designers would create a UI for your application. The design that we would generate for you would be a prototype that would let you know how comfy the navigation is. And if you need something more just get in touch with our designers and get the design the way you want.
Initiate Development of App
Now, it’s time to look at the backend and all other functionalities that you are expecting from the application. The whole coding process would be a step by step process, hence at each stage you would be able to know whether the application is on the right track or not. Even if you think to have certain changes at a certain moment, our developers would make it real in no time.
Testing and Going Live
As we follow an iterative process the testing would be carried out during the development, if any, of the bugs or errors get prompted it would be resolved the next moment. Moreover, as the application gets complete it would be moved to further testing process that includes the testing of design on every screen, compatibility issues and a lot more. After the testing gets completed, we would help you to get the application live on the respective App stores.
Strong Support After Delivery
Last but not the least, after the application gets in the hands of users, we would move into the update phase in order to avoid the retention rate for an app. And if you face any issues after the deployment of your application you could turn to us at any moment and we would be there for all kinds of support required to enhance the app and acquire results having more usability towards the application.
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