Custom Application Development
Now, a cutting edge customized solutions have become quite essential in the era of mobility revolution. Hence, to precede your clientele, a building solution has to be followed that could cater you in the mission-critical situation. With our proven development methodology you could easily gain a high level of project quality while mitigating risk throughout the project Lifecycle. Therefore, leveraging an in-memory solution would let you accelerate to next generation application of mass information in actual time.
Applications that work for your business
Building fluid Applications

Preliminary specifications are being created by looking into each and every element as per the requirements and then the task is being outlined and discussed in detail to put together a scope document that would be followed throughout the application.

Designing Custom UI

As per the requirement, a creative, branded and custom design is being created in such a way that it would capture visitors' attention and would depict your story towards the moto for the application and the details of the app.

Dynamic Development

Undoubtedly, our expert and experienced technical team would thoroughly understand your each and every requirement in order to develop a perfect architecture for the application to be built and developed.

Indepth Testing and Analysis

We follow various intensive testing methodologies to cater you an application that could function at ease with a multi user system as well as bandwidth limitations for the application built and do live user testing for better results.

Global Reach Marketing

Furthermore, we even endorse your product by marketing through different SEO channels so that you could gain more conversion doing onpage and offpage SEO techniques and getting more visibility and increase traffic volume.

Customized Development Services
More often the website application available in the market won’t be flexible enough for your enterprise and the only solution to this is to customize it. And DSWT is the only one stop solution that efficiently delivers it on the promise of certainty.
WordPress Development

One of the best Content Management Systems that has easy to use architecture with all the customization facility to manage website.


Successful e-commerce platform that caters the vast set of unmatched features, superior administrative control & flexibility.


A search engine friendly ecommerce shopping cart solution designed with visually appealing and innovative interface.


Distinguished and cost effective development service with its inbuilt libraries let you have a dynamic working website.


A powerful CMS system that empowers to easily manage your website because of its powerful extensibility and flexibility.

Open Source Development

Code or application developed by the open community that provides total ownership of code of the projects.


A server side scripting technology to develop robust, creative and powerful web applications as per the modern trend.


Responsive website platform that performs proficiently on every mobile and tablet device and cross browser friendly.


Multi programming development technology to develop rich and highly interactive web applications and managing database.

Make a move in your business

Though at this competitive edge having DSWT on your side would help you to attain top quality as we consider our clients and employees to be our partners. Furthermore, being tech savvy and nimble, we too intend to fulfill our client's two major issues - services and pricing at the battlefronts. To cater the specification of our client, we have a trained team of developers who have several years of experience in each phase of development. Moreover, in this mobile techy era we are never exhausted, we just keep on learning the new technologies as and when introduced.

Minimizing risk is involved with our services and our products as we endeavor and get well with all our client’s requirements. With a pool of unending knowledge we could easily translate simple yet competent solutions for our clients. You could entrust as our delivery standards are the stringent pillars of quality that upholds integrity and ethics above all.

Last but not the least consumer experience is also attributed by us as it is our passion to provide seamless support to our clients bring them a happy smile with the final work delivered with utmost precision and detailing that we have an habit of following for each of the project we have worked till date and love to follow what we do.

Get Cost Efficiency

Without compromising on quality, we serve at our best.

Talented Workforce

Experienced team delivering best of modern trend.

Minimum Risk Involved

We supress the risk and mzximize end results to project.


Utmost security and precision is our commitment.