Cross Platform
Mobile Website Development

The ultimate solution in the ever increasing variety of platforms is to have a responsive design for your website. The days just gone away when the desktop computer was the only option to see a site. Nowadays, mobile phones and laptops of different screen size apart from desktop computer have framed a prominent impact on the website industry. Hence, to effortlessly ensure the seamless experience for your customer it is better to hold your product adept through responsive design across devices.

At DSWT, we thoroughly understand how important a responsive design could be for any website. Hence, we come to a fragile balance between adapting an across multiple platforms as well as gimmicks and a single consistent experience.

Here, we adopt a process to completely customized website in order to give up a product that integrate seamlessly on multiple platforms.

How cross platform development helps?
A responsive website would help you pull in more foot traffic as compared to a non-responsive one. It easily act as a cherry
on a cake by enhancing your online efforts. It would assist you to get to the wider market nevertheless what demographic you belong.
Therefore, you could assert your brand and be open to all your customers 24*7.
Fluid responsive development ensures
Compactability Across Devices
Ease of
Reaching Wider Audience
Platform Independent User Experience
Reduced Cost of Development
Our Streamlined Approach

Aside from presenting a fully functional site, we streamline it to provide in such a manner that it offers an optimal viewing experience
across a broad scope of devices available in the marketplace. So creating your website or application get searched locally and conveniently whether the user turn to their Smartphones or tablets or other mobile devices.

Project Study

We analyze the project requirement in depth and our team evaluates the scope document based on your details provided.


What’s important to you is important to us, hence the first step for us to understand your goal in order to explore possibilites.


Putting up a beautifully designed and crafted layout together based on discussion our designers create an visual representation.


Based on the approved scope we take up the right platform to develop the system and make a note to deliver a working version.

Customer Service

An approach to meet turnaround requests with constant innovation, consistent quality and technology enhancement.


Prior coming to any of the outcomes on any project phase, a thorough testing is done at our end to make sure its bug free.