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"Project Manager made good work. He had to work into our system. Now he is more and more able to work stand-alone on our customer projects. We are satisfied with him for the first step and naturally we want to work together with him in future"

James Ramroop
Driving Days

"I believe DSWTPL has capable personnel and a very good \"get it done\" attitude. We hope to extend our business relationship to include some of our more intricate development needs."

Michael Fraser

"I couldn\'t have asked for a better developer. He understands all my needs and I feel very blessed to have developer like him working with me on this project. I would like to also add that this is the first experience working with outsourcing and couldn\'t be more pleased with my decision to work with you guys. I look forward to working with you more on future projects."

Masood Anwar
MX Save

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